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Wanted: Dead – How to Beat Kolchak (Boss Guide)

Kolchak is a formidable boss in the popular game, “Wanted: Dead.” He is known for his agility and his skill with a gun. Beating him requires careful planning and quick reflexes. In this guide, we will provide you with tips and strategies to defeat Kolchak.

Understanding Kolchak’s Attacks

Before we discuss the strategies to beat Kolchak, it’s important to understand his attack patterns. Kolchak is a fast-moving boss who uses a variety of weapons to attack the player. He is known for his deadly accuracy with his gun and his ability to dodge quickly.

Kolchak’s primary attack is his gun, which he will use to shoot at the player from a distance. He can also use a melee attack, where he will rush at the player and strike them with his weapon. In addition to this, Kolchak can throw explosives that deal massive damage and can also be used to knock the player down.

Tips and Strategies to Defeat Kolchak

Now that we have a better understanding of Kolchak’s attacks, let’s discuss some tips and strategies that can be used to defeat him:

Use Cover

Kolchak is a skilled marksman, and his gun can deal a significant amount of damage. It’s crucial to use cover to avoid getting hit by his bullets. You can use the environment to your advantage by hiding behind objects or walls. This will allow you to peek out and take shots at Kolchak while also protecting yourself.

Dodge and Counter

Kolchak is a fast-moving boss, and it’s important to dodge his attacks. When he rushes at you with his melee weapon, dodge to the side and counter-attack. This will stun him, allowing you to deal damage while he is vulnerable.

Use Explosives

Kolchak can throw explosives, which deal massive damage and can knock the player down. However, you can also use explosives to your advantage. When Kolchak throws an explosive, you can shoot it to detonate it early, damaging him in the process.

Aim for the Head

Aim for Kolchak’s head when you have the chance. Headshots deal more damage, and they can also stun him. This will allow you to deal additional damage while he is vulnerable.

Keep Your Distance

Kolchak is most dangerous when he is up close. It’s important to keep your distance and attack him from afar. You can use long-range weapons like rifles to take him down without getting too close.


Kolchak is a challenging boss in “Wanted: Dead,” but he can be beaten with the right strategies. Use cover, dodge and counter, use explosives, aim for the head, and keep your distance to defeat him. With these tips, you’ll be able to take down Kolchak and advance to the next level.

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