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Sony Cuts Output of PlayStation VR2 Headsets After Disappointing Pre-Orders

PlayStation VR2, the next-generation virtual reality headset from Sony, was released to pre-orders earlier this month. Despite the highly anticipated release, the pre-orders for the headset were disappointing, leading Sony to cut back on its output for the device.

Disappointing Pre-Orders

The launch of PlayStation VR2 was met with a lot of excitement from gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. However, the pre-orders for the device were much lower than expected. This has led Sony to reassess its production plans for the headset.

Cut in Output

Due to the low demand for the headset, Sony has decided to cut back on the number of units it will produce. This will help the company to better manage its production costs and avoid any potential losses.

Impact on Consumers

The cut in output is likely to have an impact on consumers who were hoping to get their hands on the headset. The reduced production may lead to a shortage of the device, making it harder for consumers to purchase the headset.


While the cut in output of PlayStation VR2 may be disappointing for consumers, it is a necessary step for Sony to take in order to avoid any potential losses. The company will continue to monitor the demand for the headset and adjust its production plans accordingly. Despite the setback, Sony remains committed to delivering the best virtual reality experience to its customers.

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